Real Living Vampires – A New World

This is a piece on a good friend of mine regarding his experiences engaging with the Living Vampire Community. Living Vampires exist for the most part in two groups – the Sanguinarian (who ingest human blood) and the Psychic. It’s an interesting piece, which can be relateable to engaging any new sort of community (the Paranormal included!). What do people think? Those of you with an interest in the darker side of the human psyche may be pleasantly surprised 🙂

One thought on “Real Living Vampires – A New World

  1. Good morning Jacqui,
    On behalf of Real Vampire Life I would like to say thanks for featuring this article. At RVL we are always working to reach out to other non-mainstream/alternative and mainstream society groups and show them that modern, real living vampires are not a bunch of crazies that run around wearing prosthetic fangs and capes and try biting people… despite what the mainstream media would have everyone believe.

    We were privileged to be able to work on the piece with Bryce and we would encourage anyone with questions or comments to visit RVL and see what we’re all about. I promise you, we vampires don’t bite… much!

    Kind regards and thanks again.
    RVL Staff

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