A micro-post/thought for the day: Using ‘Truth’ to define reality

“The reason that science struggles with the issue of psychic phenomenon or parapsychology is that they are “using the Sun to find the Moon.” A similar point occurs in the joke about the man looking for his car keys under a streetlight. He had lost his keys somewhere in the house but there was more light under the street lamp. ” – Jadoa Tai Alexander (The Book Of Storms)

What do you think, guys?

I’ve always been of the belief that things that are unknown can’t always be effectively tested or analyzed from already proven scientific frameworks because we are working off the assumption that this phenomena works in a way that we already know of i.e. physical manifestations of spirits are some kind of natural element that can be classified in a periodic table.

By the same token; using already proven scientific methods to prove the existence of spirits is certainly a starting point, given the rock-solid faith that most of society has in science as a belief system these days (for that is essentially what it is, no?).

I could only liken it to the way that scientists decide if there is life on other planets; if there is oxygen and water, then there is life… right?


Skeptical baby meme… it had to be done 🙂

I suppose the point behind my micro-post is this; although familiar and proven frameworks can be useful in helping us investigate and discover, they should not be used to limit or define the boundaries of what can and cannot exist. If mankind worked that way, then Columbus would never have circumnavigated the globe, hundreds of years after the Vikings.

Truth is a wonderful thing; always changing and evolving as we discover more about the world and the universe around us, but we should never stop at one point and say “Alright, that’s it… this is the end. This is the Truth.”. It borders on the edge of obnoxious or arrogant to assume that we have learnt all that there is to learn about life and existence.

“True wisdom is knowing what you do not know.” – Confucius

Ghosts of Casula – The Australian Paranormal and Spiritual Expo!

Adding to what has quite possible been one of the busiest years in the Australian Paranormal community, the Australian Paranormal and Spiritual Expo was an excellent kick-start to October.

After the success of the 2013 Expo, the venue was changed to the historic Casula Powerhouse and Arts Center, about an hour south of Sydney.

The Powerhouse was built in 1951 and has been a hotspot of Paranormal interest in recent years, which made it the perfect host not only for the Expo, but for the premiere of ‘Ghosts of Casula’ (which took place on the night of the Expo). ‘Ghosts of Casula’ is a locally produced and filmed documentary which delves into the experiences and possible spirits that reside in the Powerhouse and the lands that it sits on.

On the day, the Expo was a veritable hive of activity. Stallholders included Paranormal teams from NSW and beyond, some of Australia’s most renowned psychics (such as Mitchell Coombes), Ufologists, Skeptics and sellers of Paranormal Streetwear.

Yes. That is a thing.

GHOST Paranormal Streetwear… Get on my body NOW!

At times it was hard to move in the crowd, but it was fantastic to see how much the Expo had expanded from last year. Not only that, but it was great to catch up with so many of my Para-peeps that I rarely see.

How often do you get to have a selfie with a real-life ghostbuster? (Kind of…)

The diversity of attendance was exciting. There were talks held in the theatre of the Powerhouse on Mediumship, Paranormal Investigation, Skepticism, Energetic Healing and Tarot. My first stop was a talk by ESP Paranormal, which ran through a few of the practical uses of Victorian techniques in modern Paranormal Investigation.

Table-tipping, Ouija Boards (UGH! The O-Word!), as well as a bonus stint at the end on ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) photography. Rob (from ESP) has some truly interesting stuff! I guess I’ll have to add it to my list of things to try… one day…

I took the chance afterwards to socialise and meet some of the awesome characters that were at the Expo… and Facebook them 🙂

UFO – PRSA; UFO and Paranormal Research Society of Australia

One thing I was interested in catching was a talk held by Richard Saunders; ‘Are Ghosts Scared of Skeptics?’

It was interesting and somewhat informative to see how Australian Skeptics approached the idea of the Paranormal and perceived those who operate within it. I will admit, I did leave feeling a little empty, but definitely wanting more… perhaps that was the point?

Especially within the Paranormal Field at the moment there seems to be such a small presence of ‘card-carrying’ skeptics, even though they are inexorably a part of the community as much as the UFOlogists and psychics.

Besides… Richard Saunders can bend spoons… which makes him okay in my book 🙂

He doesn’t believe in Ghosts… so does that mean he doesn’t believe in the Matrix???

Paranormal friction aside, there’s no denying how beneficial events like these are to the Paranormal community. Not only for strengthening personal and professional relationships, but for just ‘getting it out there’; exposing the public to these different beliefs and alternative lifestyles.

I – for one – cannot wait for next year… but first; PARACON 2015! xD

*Photos have been linked where available. I take no credit for any of the images in this post (except the last one)*