A micro-post/thought for the day: Using ‘Truth’ to define reality

“The reason that science struggles with the issue of psychic phenomenon or parapsychology is that they are “using the Sun to find the Moon.” A similar point occurs in the joke about the man looking for his car keys under a streetlight. He had lost his keys somewhere in the house but there was more light under the street lamp. ” – Jadoa Tai Alexander (The Book Of Storms)

What do you think, guys?

I’ve always been of the belief that things that are unknown can’t always be effectively tested or analyzed from already proven scientific frameworks because we are working off the assumption that this phenomena works in a way that we already know of i.e. physical manifestations of spirits are some kind of natural element that can be classified in a periodic table.

By the same token; using already proven scientific methods to prove the existence of spirits is certainly a starting point, given the rock-solid faith that most of society has in science as a belief system these days (for that is essentially what it is, no?).

I could only liken it to the way that scientists decide if there is life on other planets; if there is oxygen and water, then there is life… right?


Skeptical baby meme… it had to be done 🙂

I suppose the point behind my micro-post is this; although familiar and proven frameworks can be useful in helping us investigate and discover, they should not be used to limit or define the boundaries of what can and cannot exist. If mankind worked that way, then Columbus would never have circumnavigated the globe, hundreds of years after the Vikings.

Truth is a wonderful thing; always changing and evolving as we discover more about the world and the universe around us, but we should never stop at one point and say “Alright, that’s it… this is the end. This is the Truth.”. It borders on the edge of obnoxious or arrogant to assume that we have learnt all that there is to learn about life and existence.

“True wisdom is knowing what you do not know.” – Confucius

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